Keith Schembri withdrawal of libel case an admission of guilt, Delia says
keith schembri withdrawal of libel case an admission of guilt delia says - Keith Schembri withdrawal of libel case an admission of guilt, Delia says

Keith Schembri’s withdrawal of his libel case against Opposition leader Simon Busuttil was tantamount to an admission of his guilty, Nationalist Party leader Adrian Delia said today.

Speaking on the party’s radio station, Delia said the moment the OPM chief of staff gave up his court case was the moment that all that Busuttil said about him was admitted to be true.

Over the past week, Delia said, people from all walks of life, including Labourites, had approached him to say that Schembri had decided not to testify in court – after he was warned by the magistrate – so as not to incriminate himself.


What is also of great concern was that in spite of all this, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had once again chosen to defend Schembri. Muscat once again chose Schembri’s interests over and above the interests of Malta and the Maltese.

Muscat is ready to put Malta’s future at risk, including the possibility of the country being blacklisted, to defend Schembri, Delia said.

The PN leader said the party had decided to join the manifestation against corruption to be held in Valletta this evening because it wanted to add its voice to that of many individuals and organisations who were fighting against the most corrupt government in history.

He said the PN parliamentary group was meeting today to discuss the way forward and how the party will work to pass on its message to as wide a spectrum of people as possible.

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