Leading Hotelier Urges PN Leadership To Step Aside For The Sake Of Democracy After Dismal Survey Showing
, Leading Hotelier Urges PN Leadership To Step Aside For The Sake Of Democracy After Dismal Survey Showing

Leading Maltese hotelier Winston Zahra has urged the leadership of the Nationalist Party to step down after a survey showed that the PN is failing to gain any traction among voters.

Love them or hate them, MaltaToday surveys have a very good track record on accuracy,” Zahra wrote on Facebook. “The voting intentions reflects in their recent survey clearly shows that the current PN leadership have failed dismally.”

“They simply do not have the trust of the electorate even in these precarious times. It’s time for the leadership of the party to have a long hard look in the mirror and accept that if they want democracy to stand strong in Malta then a strong opposition is an essential element to ensure checks and balances are always in place.”

“It’s time to step aside for the good of the country and allow someone who has a much higher level of trust to lead the opposition.”

MaltaToday’s survey last Sunday shows that the Labour Party’s two leadership candidates Chris Fearne and Robert Abela already enjoy more than double the trust rating of PN leader Adrian Delia.

Given a choice between Fearne and Delia, 60.6% of respondents opted for Fearne, a record rating for a leader in MaltaToday’s trust ratings, while a mere 17.8% opted for Delia.

Interestingly, Fearne isn’t only trusted by 96.3% of PL voters but by 14.8% of PN voters. Indeed, in this match-up, only 54.9% of PN voters declared they have more trust in Delia, with 14.8% stating they trust Fearne more, 17.2% stating they trust none of them and 13.1% saying they are unsure.

Given a choice between Abela and Delia, 49.3% of respondents opted for Abela, while 21.5% opted for Delia. Abela is trusted by 93.6% of PL voters and 8.6% of PN voters.

The gap between the two parties is reflected when respondents are asked for their voting intentions. Despite these turbulent times for the Labour Party, 43.1% of peope said they intend to vote for the PL at the next election, a decline of a mere percentage point since last month.

Contrarily, only 27.6% of people intend to cast their vote for the PN, an increase of less than a percentage point.

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