Lecturer-Blogger: ‘I’m Not Being Paid By Yorgen Fenech Or His Mother’

Controversial history lecturer and blogger Simon Mercieca has denied that he is being secretly funded by Yorgen Fenech or his mother to spin a narrative in favour of the man charged with conspiring to assassinate Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Mercieca referred to a Facebook post by Caruana Galizia’s son Paul in which he praised an opinion piece by anthropology lecturer Ranier Fsadni on former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s recent testimony at the public inquiry.

“How good it is to have people with brains, informed opinions, and who can write – and who aren’t bribed, bought, and misled by Yorgen Fenech and his mother,” Caruana Galizia wrote.

Although Caruana Galizia didn’t mention any names, Mercieca said the assassinated journalist’s son was “clearly” referring to his blog.

“What I can tell you is that I’m not taking money from Yorgen Fenech and was never bribed by him,” the lecturer wrote. “I’ve never seen Yorgen Fenech in my life. Neither am I taking money from his mother, Patricia Fenech. I never met with Fenech’s mother. Neither was I ever misled by Yorgen Fenech or his mother.”

Mercieca didn’t clarify in his blogpost whether he is being paid by other people close to Fenech. Police are investigating how Fenech’s defence lawyer Gianluca Caruana Curran had allegedly tried to bribe Times of Malta journalist Ivan Martin with €500 notes in return for favourable coverage towards his client.

Newsbook recently reported that the Attorney General believes there exists enough evidence for police to pursue a case against Caruana Curran.

lecturer blogger im not being paid by yorgen fenech or his mother - Lecturer-Blogger: ‘I’m Not Being Paid By Yorgen Fenech Or His Mother’

Left: Gianluca Caruana Curran, Right: Yorgen Fenech

“May I remind you that Yorgen Fenech’s mother had factually shown that [PN MP and Caruana Galizia family lawyer] Jason Azzopardi had taken a false oath when he said he never met up with Yorgen Fenech,” Mercieca went on to say.

This was a reference to how Azzopardi had sworn he had never met Yorgen Fenech in is life, only for the murder suspect’s mother to say the MP had actually attended her son’s wedding back in 2009. 

“Patricia Fenech is a woman and a mother. Like everyone else, she has a tight to write on my Facebook page and express her opinions. May I remind you that this woman started writing on my Facebook page after Jason Azzopardi, who boasts about how he’s in favour of free speech, had blocked her from commenting on his own page because she had exposed him.”

“Not only didn’t she mislead anyone, but it turned out that she was telling the truth.”

Since setting up his blog in October, Mercieca has pedalled a number of wild conspiracy theories, particularly with regards the case against Yorgen Fenech, who has been charged with the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Mercieca has claimed that Fenech was framed and has been kept in police custody simply to satisfy the Caruana Galizia family and the internal political rivals of former PN leader Adrian Delia.

He recently claimed the late journalist’s son Matthew is partially to blame for his mother’s murder because he had parked her car outside on the night before her murder. Mercieca later took offence after Caruana Galizia mocked him as a “single-celled organism”.

What do you make of Mercieca’s statement?

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