‘Let us know where you are’ – Marcel Pisani’s parents’ call after 20 days with no leads

On 28 December of last year, 50-year-old Marcel Pisani was reported missing by the police after failing to respond to numerous calls from his family and friends. 

Almost a month later, the police have not seen any developments in them across the islands, but the police have confirmed that it will not be reducing any of its efforts in trying to find him. 

Speaking to The Malta Independent, Marcel’s father, Alfred Pisani, explained that at around 5:30 pm of 28 December, Marcel called them (his parents) saying that that he will be going out shopping. That was the last thing that they heard from him. 


“When an hour or so had passed, I called him to see if he got home safely but all I heard was the operator saying that he was not in a position to respond by the operator. I tried to call his family as well, but they told me that he had not called them either,” Alfred explained. 

This was when they decided to check his flat but when he got there, they found the place up in flames. The police later confirmed that Marcel was not inside the apartment, “and that is all we know about it.” 

Marcel’s parents started looking all over the island for him with the help of the police, who even went up to Gozo to check for their lost son. 

“Up until this morning, the police have told us that he has not been found yet, but they will not stop their pursuit.” 

Alfred said that they have been receiving a lot of support from everyone including family, relatives and the police as well. However, their message to Marcel was clear; “let us know where you are so that they can put this difficult period in our life to an end.” 

Dar Bjorn founder, Bjorn Formosa who had been in close contact with Marcel for a while before he went missing, reciprocated this message. 

“We have spoken with his parents and understandably they are distraught and just want clarity on what really happened to their son. That is their biggest concern,” Formosa said, adding that Dar Bjorn is offering its services to them to try and help them in any way it can. 

Formosa told this newsroom that Marcel had been following his work for a while and around six months ago he started communicating with him via email with Marcel requesting to start living at Dar Bjorn. 

Marcel has been wheelchair bound for three years following an accident that left him paralysed. 

“Marcel had some problems at home which he was not coping well with aside from the physical complications he had,” he explained. “However, our rooms were all full at the time, but we offered him physiotherapy and psychotherapy services until a spot became vacant.” 

Formosa went on to say that while they only knew each other for a short while, Marcel was always supportive of his work and just five days before Marcel was reported as missing, he contacted Formosa saying that he was thankful for the work that Dar Bjorn has done. But he also mentioned that he was very unhappy.  

“It was like a final salute, but I did not think of that before and what could have happened after. I hope that he is found but unfortunately as time goes by, you start thinking the worst.” 

Formosa said he had encouraged Marcel not to worry and not to give up as we will keep following his progress and contacting him as soon as we had more space but did not receive any reply from him. 

“Unfortunately, there are a lot of cases like Marcel who we cannot cater for until the new home is opened,” he added.

Marcel drives a light blue Renault Captur with a cream-coloured roof, like the vehicle pictured below. His number plate is HBV 761.

, ‘Let us know where you are’ – Marcel Pisani’s parents’ call after 20 days with no leads

Anyone with any information as to his whereabouts is to contact the police, even confidentially, on 21 224001/ 119 or at the nearest station.

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