Bugibba 2 bedroom Apartment for sale €152,000

Bugibba 2 bedroom Apartment for sale €152,000
Beds 2 Baths 2 Plot Size 110m² m² Location Bugibba Type Apartment

Property Details

Property Name: Bugibba 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom Apartment for sale on Malta
Type: 2 bedroom Apartment in Bugibba.
Price: €152,000 (Contact us below for the best Apartment price available right now)
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 2
Bugibba Location: Bugibba, Malta in Europe
Example features: Standard Finish En Suite South Water Terrace Balcony Near Bus .
Bugibba rooms: Kitchen/Living Bedroom Bedroom Bathroom Ensuite Shower Boxroom
Legal Information: During the purchasing of this Bugibba 2 bedroom Apartment for sale, or any other types of development, House, Villa, B&B etc in Bugibba or anywhere on Malta, there are a few legal things that you have to consider. We mention a few items in the FAQ section but to get the best updated legal information we suggest you visit the Malta GOV wbesite, and their Malta island property buying guide.
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This 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom Apartment for sale is located in Bugibba on Malta island. BUGIBBA – Well finished, still on plan and to be completed end of December 2020. This 3rd floor apartment consists of a combined kitchen/living/dining area. A main bathroom. Two double bedrooms. The main bedroom with en-suite. Front terrace and a back balconmy. Boxroom. Optional garages underneath.

Local Info

Buying FAQ

Can a foreigner buy a Apartment or property in Bugibba or Malta?

The short answer is yes. Generally, the key requirements for buying a Apartment, property or Real Estate around Bugibba in Malta are the following:

A deposit of 20% of total price to be paid on the 'Promise of Sale' (before signing the final contract),
Stamp duty up to 5% of the total price,
Notary fees between 2% and 2.5% of total Bugibba property price plus Searches fee,
Health and Life Insurance.

It is also important to know that if you are a non-Maltese citizen, you may be subject to specific regulations and in certain instances be required to hold a specific permit enabling you to acquire Bugibba or Malta property. This does not apply to properties situated within special designated areas, such as developments in Malta.

Who pays for the Bugibba property Stamp Duty on Malta?

On Malta, stamp duty is paid by the purchaser, and stamp duty is generally paid at rate of 5%. Saying this. If you are purchasing a Bugibba property with the intention to reside in it, and make it your sole residence, you will pay 3.5% on the first €150,000.

If I buy a Bugibba property on Malta is there any Notarial fees?

If the Bugibba property you are purchasing falls within a registration area as specified by law. As an indication, notarial fees are normally 1% and 1.5% of the contract price. Such fees will include the Bugibba property final searches and registrations and any other legalities.


If you require more information on this Bugibba 2 bedroom Apartment for sale, or any other Bugibba Apartments, development,House, Cottage or B&B etc, below you can search for the best unbeatable Malta buying deals around Bugibba, and Malta today.

Veiwing / Inquiry

If you are already on the Republic of Malta in Europe and wish to veiw this Bugibba 2 bedroom / 2 bathroom Apartment for sale, or wish to set up a future veiwing once you arrive, you can simply drop us an property email using the email form at the bottom of this property page.

If you have a general inquiry please go to: Malta Realtor search email form.

Good for you 🙂 If you have already found any Apartment, Villa, Bungalow, B&B in Bugibba, or anywhere on Malta, but you want a better price than the one that you have been offered simply send us the details, the website page etc using the above form link and let us secure the best deal for you. Could save you thousands!


The Republic of Malta in Europe, and Bugibba, is a popular tourist destination, with more than 1.6 million tourists per year. Three times more tourists visit than there are residents come through Malta International Airport (MLA) each year. Tourism infrastructure has increased dramatically on The island of Malta over the years, and now hundreds of hotels are present on the island, and even more Bugibba Penthouse apartments for sale and rent.

Airport transfers: the Republic of Malta airport in Europe taxi transfer.


Malta island has a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and hot summers, hotter in the inland areas. Rain occurs mainly in autumn and winter, with summer being generally dry. The average yearly temperature is around 23 °C (73 °F) during the day and 15.5 °C (59.9 °F) at night. In the coldest month – January – the typical maximum temperature ranges from 12 to 18 °C (54 to 64 °F) during the day and minimum 6 to 12 °C (43 to 54 °F) at night. In the warmest month – August – the typical maximum temperature ranges from 28 to 34 °C (82 to 93 °F) during the day and minimum 20 to 24 °C (68 to 75 °F) at night. Amongst all capitals in the continent of Europe, Valletta – the capital of the Republic of Malta has the warmest winters, with average temperatures of around 15 to 16 °C (59 to 61 °F) during the day and 9 to 10 °C (48 to 50 °F) at night in the period January–February. In March and December average temperatures are around 17 °C (63 °F) during the day and 11 °C (52 °F) at night.146 Large fluctuations in temperature are rare. Snow is very rare on the island, although various snowfalls have been recorded in the last century, the last one reported in various locations across Malta island in Europe in 2014.


Malta in Europe accommodations: If you have not already booked any accommodation in Bugibba, or Malta, you can find the best Bugibba Hotels offering the lowest rates for all sorts of Malta Hotels, Villas, Guesthouses, Hostles and Resorts!

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Here at ‘Malta Holiday Online’ we offer an array of Bugibba activities, and tours of Malta and Gozo. Once you arrive to Bugibba there’s nothing wrong with a few peaceful days on the beach, or beside the pool, but you don’t come all the way to see nothing, and you will get out and have some fun on one of the many activities or tours of the island.

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