live blog who will sarah zerafa give the golden buzzer to on maltas got talent - LIVE BLOG: Who Will Sarah Zerafa Give The Golden Buzzer To On Malta’s Got Talent?

And just like that, last week’s card-trick COVID-19 PSA on Malta’s Got Talent heralded the absolute worst week for coronavirus cases locally.

Yep, starting off light folks.

Moving swiftly on.

Ahead of the show, Malta’s Got Talent judge Sarah Zerafa took to social media earlier today, revealing that it is her turn to take to the Golden Buzzer.

So here’s praying to every deity out there that:

  1. People get their act together and help bring these cases down
  2. We have ourselves a grand old time watching Malta’s Got Talent
  3. Sarah Zerafa gives the Golden Buzzer to an undiscovered legend that doesn’t blow raspberries into microphones, reads maps or has a long recorded and/or televised history of appearing in established productions already

No pressure.

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