LMA Performance Spotlight: The Travellers, A Gozitan Band That Redefined The Local Music Scene
lma performance spotlight the travellers a gozitan band that redefined the local music scene - LMA Performance Spotlight: The Travellers, A Gozitan Band That Redefined The Local Music Scene

No matter what challenges they face, The Travellers prove time and time again that nothing can stop them climbing the ladder of success.

Though they might have made it big in the world of mainstream music, The Travellers are every bit unique and original and hold dear to a musical philosophy that has remained unchanged since their inception.

This is the story of the boys from Gozo.

Faith it seems was instrumental in the formation of the Travellers back in 2013 when six friends got together and decided to embark on a new musical project – something that would stand out and be different to the current state of Malta’s music scene.

In addition to being a six-man, pop-inspired brass mix, being ‘different’ for The Travellers was a matter of sticking to their Gozitan roots.

They embraced their local heritage and, unlike many bands before them, decided that they would sing and perform their music in Maltese only… and it was a massive hit.

In January 2016, after three years of being a band, the Travellers decided to unleash their debut single Sempliċità to the world and, since then,  its been viewed over 400k times on YouTube….

[embedded content]

… that’s almost a view for every Maltese person alone.

The Travellers took a risk by singing everything in Maltese, but it paid off.

Not only was their music a hit locally but people from all over the world caught on and The Travellers became a worldwide name.

Soon after this, they released their EP Xemx U Xita, accompanied by two breathtaking and stunning music videos.

[embedded content] [embedded content]

It quickly became apparent that The Travellers were as invested in their image and videos as they were in their music, having put a lot of time, effort and creativity into their production; the product of which has seen some of them reach over 500k views.

Xemx U Xita was a massive success and the Gozo boys found themselves performing and touring around the Maltese islands over the next two years before releasing their debut album Iljuni fis- Silġ in April 2018.

The album hinted towards a more refined, mature and focused group that had taken strides in their musical career since coming together back in 2013.

Realising that they had found their formula for success, The Travellers stuck to producing high quality music which led to some high quality music video that, once again, shot up to the hundreds of thousands on YouTube…

[embedded content] [embedded content]

The Travellers truly revolutionised how Maltese bands would go about doing music videos, more so with this sci-fi animated video that reimagines them as superhero-like characters…

[embedded content]

Always the ones to take things to the next level, The Travellers teamed up with fellow pop stars Red Electrick earlier this year for a one-off special concert featuring members of both groups playing as one giant 11 man band at Aria Complex.

The Travellers were on a roll but, throughout all there success, they never lost sight of home and continued to pay tribute to Gozo with an annual concert held on the island every summer…

Hot off the heels of one of their busiest years to date, The Travellers are getting ready for the Lovin Music Awards happening this Saturday…

… and they’re not just performing at the LMAs, they’re up for some nominations too.

The Travellers have been nominated for Best Band, Best Collab, Best Music Video, Best Live Act and Best Song.

You’ll also have a chance to vote for them for Best Performance Of The Night thanks to our telecom partners GO Music Wildcard.

So if you love the Travellers (and we know you do) grab your tickets to the LMAs happening this weekend by following the link below.

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