lonely right now luke chappells latest tune is an alternative pop banger for covid times - Lonely Right Now! Luke Chappell’s Latest Tune Is An Alternative Pop Banger For COVID Times

Life has never felt so uncertain and weird, but we can thank our lucky stars that fresh new music is still being pumped out to help us see the silverlinings.

And luckily for us, pop sweetheart Luke Chappell has just released tear-jerking pop tune Lonely Right Now – the perfect soundtrack for sunset car rides or winding down with your close mates after another day in this new normal.

The track is released under new label Bangers Only, which is extremely appropriate because it’s bound to be an Autumn staple track blasting through speakers in Malta and beyond.

“Lonely Right Now is a reflection on recent times, how the pandemic affected my personal life and like everyone else, how I’m adjusting to the new normal,” Chappell told Lovin Malta.

And while loneliness is like, the most relatable theme on the planet right now, the song is nothing close to being sad.

Composed of overlaying guitars, acoustic drum beats and Chappell’s signature smooth voice, Lonely Right Now is a swooning pop hit that’ll make you want to slow dance by yourself.

#cozlifeisjustamessrightnow… but a music video for this tune would make things a whole lot better.

Make it happen, Mr. Chappell.

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