Love Tracks! Maltese Musicians Showed Up This Valentine’s Day With A Bunch Of Brand New Singles
love tracks maltese musicians showed up this valentines day with a bunch of brand new singles - Love Tracks! Maltese Musicians Showed Up This Valentine’s Day With A Bunch Of Brand New Singles

It is Valentine’s Day tomorrow and Maltese musicians have showed up with a number of love tracks ranging from deep and emotional to upbeat and fun.

From commercial pop to hip hop, make sure to show your loved ones these tracks tomorrow!

Gaia Cauchi – Message

Just days before Valentine’s Day, Malta’s young starlet Gaia Cauchi released an emotional, breakup track… and it’s being labelled as her best work to date.

Message brings out Gaia’s full vocal range with just a piano to accompany her powerful voice as she let’s it all out in what is undoubtedly a deeply emotional and heartfel track.

The three-minute song is impressive enough but the best has yet to come, with a music video to accompany the track dropping tomorrow.

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AIDAN – Heart Emoji

AIDAN is jumping on the Valentine’s Day hype with an upbeat, personal pop track dedicated to the one he loves.

Heart Emoji is the apt 21st century love song with a retro tinge that makes it an easy radio listen for everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Heart Emoji is accompanied by a music video featuring the man himself dressed in pink to commemorate the love of the special day.

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Caro – Where Do I Go From Here?

Maltese rapper Caro continues his Quarantine Close Up series with his latest track, Where Do I Go From Here?

As the name of the series implies, this track is just Caro doing his thing over a few bars, which is more than enough to please the ears.

Tapping into some real 2020 vibes, Caro finds himself at a crossroads with this track, unsure about where to go and what to do.

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Eddie Fresco – Switch Sides

Eddie Fresco is wearing his emotions on his sleeve this year, exposing his softer side with his latest track, Switch Sides – a personal love track with a mellow beat and more laid back Fresco.

Thematically, Switch Sides is a continuation of Fresco’s journey into more mainstream hip-hop, adding a refreshing mix to his hard-hitting catalogue thus far.

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Nick Morales – You Don’t Call Me

After years of hustling in the local music scene, establishing one of the island’s most popular alternative festivals, and touring the world with one of his many musical projects, local singer and songwriter Nick Morales has finally settled down to record his very first solo project.

And it kicks off with his latest single, a pop-infused track – You Don’t Call

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Michael Azzopardi – Pistola EP

Although a new face on the scene, Michael Azzopardi is already making a name for himself and has just released his first EP, Pistola.

Pistola consists of four poetic tracks sung in Maltese and touching upon an array of human experiences, from ego to the false self.

Thus far, three of the tracks have been accompanied by a narrative music video with the fourth track, Tiblagħni L-Art, getting its very own video come 19th February.

In the meantime, you can follow the indie sounds of Michael Azzopardi below.

TODAMUSIC ft Juno Valdez – High Rise Lovin’

A new music project curated by guitarist David Cassar Torreggiani and Toby (Tobymusic) named TODAMUSICA has released its first track, High Rise Lovin.

High Rise Lovin was initially written for another singer, but when Juno Valdez got her hands on it, it instantly became hers.

“When I heard the music it just filled me with this feel-good adrenaline rush that made me feel warm and fuzzy inside,” she told Lovin Malta.

Though a love song dedicated to her husband, just in time for Valentine’s Day, High Rise Lovin is also dedicated to a place close to Valdez, Dubai, where she once worked and travelled.

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Valdez also has another song set to be released under her new record label, Kookee Records, next Friday.

Stefan Varga – Invisible

After dropping his first song of 2021, Stefan Varga has released a music video to accompany the track – Invisible.

The music video depicts Varga singing with a backdrop of a windy and cloudy Malta to match the emotion of the song.

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Philip Vella – Għalfejn Tħobbni Daqshekk?

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Maltese singer and songwriter Philip Vella has decided to drop a new track which he composed and penned himself, Għalfejn Tħobbni Daqshekk?

In it, he seems to be writing a letter to his wife, finding himself perplexed at the idea that she’s always chosen him, seeing that he’s got everything he needs, especially when he doesn’t find it easy to love her in the same way she loves him.

“I don’t mind saying that I wrote this song for the mother of my children, my wife, that person who has always believed in my talents, who has always been there behind me, even when I had lost hope,” he said.

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