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Most guests will be reading this page while they are in the UK sat searching for activities, tours and things to do before they arrive on holiday to Malta. So before you fly, be it the following day, a week or month later please firstly register using the form below. This is so we know who is going to arrive on a given day and we can have staff ready to greet you.


We offer a few ways to get to the Tour. Please see the below options.

A) Free Pickup Service: If you are going to be staying in the St Paul’s Bay area of Malta we offer a complimentary Hotel pickup service starting from 9am. Please mention this on the below form. If requested we will pick you up on the date / day you mention on the form below. We will also email you to confirm this after you have registered.

B) Walking: If your Hotel is with-in the St Pauls Bay area (Bagibba & Qawra) your Hotel will be within 5/20 minutes walking distance of the ‘San Antonio Resort’ so simply walk to the ‘San Antonio Resort”. Ask either your Hotel reception, or anyone else, for directtions to the ‘San Antonio Resort’, or see the map and directions below.

If your Hotel is outside of the St Paul’s Bay area, and you are visiting the area, you can catch the bus to the Bugibba bus station, which is just 3/4 minutes walk from the Resort.

Map location is:

st pauls bay malta map - How To Book Your Tour

Address: db San Antonio Hotel + Spa: Triq it-Turisti, Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay, SPB1024 – Malta

Also see on Google Maps here


If you are walking in please arrive at the Resort between 9.15am and 9.30am, and between Monday and Friday only. Try not to get there outside of the times and days please. If you have requested the complimentary pickup services the pickup times start from 9.15am


A) Walk down the steps, through the main door and turn right.
B) There will be a British lady (Amanda or Diane) sitting at our reception desk just as you walk in.
C) Just introduce yourselves, and tell her that you have come for the tour of the Resort via the ‘Malta Holiday‘ website. She will then take your details, ask what gift you require and check you in.
D) Once this is done one of our British staff will meet you and the tour will commence.
E) After the tour you will be then escorted back to the reception where we will organize your gifts.

What’s included:

** Complimentary refreshments will be offered throughout the tour.

What to bring:
** Bring a camera. There are awesome panoramic views from the rooftop.
** If you have children, and they want to swim, then please also bring their swimming clothing, sun cream etc.

Please Note:

** PLEASE read the Terms / Conditions before you visit us.
** Please be aware that our free gifts and services will only be given if you go via the ‘Malta Holiday’ website and you comply with our terms.
** These gifts will NOT be given if you go via a 3rd party, or if you are approuched on the street and offered a simular gift. Please go directly to the Resort and follow the instructions above.
** You must register first below. If you arrive at the Resort without registering this promotion will not be valid.

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** If you have any issues using this email form please email:

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