Term and Conditions

A) This offer is open to British married couples / families ONLY. Living together for more than 2 years also qualifies.
B) At least one of the couple must be between the ages of 35 and 70 y/o.
C) At least one of the couple must be in full time employment, or retired on a full pention.
D) The couple / family MUST stay on the tour for a minimum of one hour from checking in to qualify for the gifts.
E) Both adults must attend the tour (No singles).
F) The only obligation is you have to stay for the hour, and participate in the tour of the Resort.
G) Children welcome. They can also use the pools (Towels offered), table tennis, vollyball and we have computer games to keep them entertained 🙂

Please Note:

** PLEASE read the Terms / Conditions before you visit us.
** Please be aware that our free gifts and services will only be given if you go via the ‘Malta Holiday’ website and you comply with our terms.
** These gifts will NOT be given if you go via a 3rd party, or if you are approuched on the street and offered a simular gift. Please go directly to the Resort and follow the instructions above.
** You must register first. If you arrive at the Resort without registering this promotion will not be valid.

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