‘Malta Has Not Won The Fight Against COVID’: Prime Minister Urges Caution After Drop In Cases
, ‘Malta Has Not Won The Fight Against COVID’: Prime Minister Urges Caution After Drop In Cases

Prime Minister Robert Abela has warned that Malta has “not won the fight against COVID-19”, urging caution after a drop in cases. 

Abela’s remarks were very different from past statements on the pandemic which had come back to haunt him after a spike in cases and a reintroduction of strict measures.

“People will need to continue to follow such regulations – the wearing of masks, maintaining adequate distances, and hygiene measures – now more than ever,” he said.

Malta’s COVID-19 numbers have steadily been on the decrease for weeks now, with strict measures in place and a relatively high number of fines still being issues on a weekly basis.

The government has slowly been lifting recent measures, with schools so far reopening their doors, and has set out a timeline for the reopening of other industries.

Abela, who was speaking in an address on ONE, also focused on several recent reforms and projects the government has piloted over the past few weeks, namely the gender corrective mechanism, the Marsa Junction Project, cannabis decriminalisation, and rent reform.

He said that the government could no longer close its eyes to such issues, insisting that politicians must be the catalyst for change in the country. 

When it came to the reform of pre-1995 rent laws, Abela said the government should be presenting legislation very soon. He said the law will allow owners to claims up to 2% of the property’s market value in rent.

He also said that tenants will still be protected and those on benefits or pensions will have up to €10,000 of their annual costs covered by the government. The government will pay up to 25% of those who are working.

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