Malta ‘prime candidate’ to make it on UK Green List on Thursday – UK media
, Malta ‘prime candidate’ to make it on UK Green List on Thursday – UK media

Malta has the potential to make it on to the United Kingdom’s green travel list in its next review on 3 June, two UK media houses have reported.

The Independent has listed Malta as a “prime candidate” to make it on the UK green travel list, while The Express has listed Malta among a number of other countries that “are doing better than others in terms of Covid cases”.

Other countries which have been listed alongside Malta and have the potential to make it on to the green list include the Balearic Islands in Spain, Finland, Grenada, the Cayman Islands and the Greek islands of Kos, Rhodes, Santorini and Zante.

Should Malta make it on to the green list, British residents returning from Malta will not be required to quarantine upon arrival, but must take a Covid-19 test within the first two days of arrival.

As it stands, Malta is on the UK’s amber list for travel and the UK Government advises against travel to the island.

The first review of the UK Government’s green list of overseas destinations is due to take place on 3 June. Any changes made to the list will come into effect a week later, on 10 June.

Malta was surprisingly left out of the UK’s green list for travel last month, after expectations that British citizens would be making their way to Malta for the official re-opening of tourism on 1 June (today).

Malta’s drop in active cases and quick vaccination strategy were also seen as redeemable factors to put the island on the UK’s green list; however, Malta was ultimately not included in the list in its last review.

The UK serves as Malta’s biggest market when it comes to tourism.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said that getting onto the UK’s green list is down to everyone’s responsibility and closely following the public health protocols. He said, however, that the tourism, health and foreign affairs authorities are working in a coordinated manner to get Malta onto the list.

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