malta sends group of rejected asylum seekers to germany as part of concerted eu migration efforts - Malta Sends Group Of Rejected Asylum-Seekers To Germany As Part Of Concerted EU Migration Efforts

A group of migrants was relocated to Germany this morning as part of Malta’s continued efforts to collaborate with EU member states and reduce the burden of irregular migration on the island.

The exercise was coordinated by the European Commission along with the Home Affairs Ministry in collaboration with the German Embassy in Malta.

In Germany, the migrants will be able to continue applying for asylum status after failing to obtain it in Malta. 

Last month, roughly 90 migrants were relocated to France as part of these rehoming efforts, with further relocations of migrants planned in the future.

“Malta will continue to work to continue these relocations as this is a big burden for us alone,” said Prime Minister Robert Abela.

In the meantime, the government committed to continuing its efforts to send back irregular migrants who “don’t deserve” refugee status in Malta.

“The Maltese Government reiterates the importance of further strengthening cooperation with transit countries in order to disrupt the business of human traffickers and further reduce arrivals,” the government said today.

Abela has been pushing for a concerted effort at an EU level to tackle the immigration crisis and most recently spoke at the Summit Med 7 about the need for more member states to help share the burden when it comes to the costs of irregular migration.

“The Maltese Government believes that sharing the responsibility of immigrants is part of the solution so that Malta does not bear the burden of immigration alone,” he said.

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