Malta’s Eurovision ‘Hijackers’ Must Come Clean On Spending As Major Concerns Raised Over Betting Odds

A former Maltese Eurovision contestant has shared the “social media formula” behind creating major hype around singers and raising their betting odds ahead of their performance… only for them to then not receive the points expected of them.

His breakdown comes just one day after Malta’s very own Destiny placed 7th in this year’s edition, and has led others to call for a breakdown of the costs involved in Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2021.

“What’s this formula all about?” Ludwig Galea asked rhetorically in a new lengthy social media post. 

“Basically,” he continued, “one uses a considerable amount of money to constantly bet on one’s own horse/song/team until the final minute, solicits by every means YouTube clicks (if and when required) and pays bloggers to generate hype hoping, believing or literally dreaming that if one is on the top of that odds list chart one, has a guaranteed win in hand.”

“This formula allows one’s song to peak at a fast momentum, unlike in organic online growth whereby a song starts growing gradually, reaching its highest peak in the final two days of the contest,” he said.

“It’s dangerous because it creates fictitious hype and deceiving facts.”

His post created a heated discussion online, with one person majorly involved in the organisation of Malta’s 2021 entry, Mark Grech, calling his post “trash fuelled by personal agenda”.

Galea, who had performed in the 2004 edition of the contest with Julia Zahra, said this could create a “considerable discrepancy” between expectations and final results.

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His post was shared by Valletta Cultural Agency Chairman Jason Micallef, who went a step further by naming people within the music industry he believed were behind the use of this formula, and asked for receipts over how much Malta had spent in Eurovision this year.

“This group of people sell the Maltese people on the illusion that we will win year after year, with this year being a near-guarantee to win,” Micallef said. “This group of people is run by Anton Attard, as well as Howard Keith Debono now, who uploaded a post attacking the European Broadcasting Union on the eve of the finals, if you please.”

“Who knows what good he did for Destiny by writing that post! So much so, that he needed to remove and amend what he said.”

Claiming it was this group people who chose and decided everything Eurovision in Malta – including whether to have Maltese or foreign dancers – Micallef called on authorities to show a breakdown of the costs involved over the last few months until last night’s show seeing as it had all been funded from taxpayer’s money.

He also asked why these people, who he said had “lost” year after year, are not removed from their positions.

Last night, Destiny wowed the world with her song Je Me Casse, coming in 7th place in the contest.

Italy took home the big win – though their celebrations have been marred by allegations that they had taken cocaine during the show.

What do you make of Galea and Micallef’s positions?

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, Malta’s Eurovision ‘Hijackers’ Must Come Clean On Spending As Major Concerns Raised Over Betting Odds
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