Malta’s Got Talent Judge Gives Two Cents On Winners And Lapes’ Rap Roast: ‘Entertainment Is Subjective’
, Malta’s Got Talent Judge Gives Two Cents On Winners And Lapes’ Rap Roast: ‘Entertainment Is Subjective’

Malta’s Got Talent judge Howard Keith Debono has stood up for the show’s winners Jomike and Lydon, urging critics not to try and depict the talent show as a “saviour of arts and culture”.

Let’s not try to depict Got Talent as a saviour of Arts or Culture!” Debono, a music producer, said. “These shows simply offer a massive TV and online platform for anyone who wants to share what they genuinely believe is good and worth sharing with as many people as possible – for better or for worse.”

“One needs to respect the format for what it is and the parameters due to the situation at hand. To assume otherwise would be wrong.”

“Art and talent are not subjective. Entertainment on the other hand is subjective. These kind of shows tend to expose this fact.”

Jomike and Lydon, a father and son duo of traditional Maltese għana singers, won the hearts of the Maltese public, seeing off dance group Concept of Movement in the final. 

However, a number of artists complained that “art lost” last night, with renowned singer Matthew James Borg going as far as to comment that “tele-voting should be illegal”.

Debono had made no secret of his love for Concept of Movement, telling them they deserve to win the competition, but after the result he said he’s extremely happy they finished second. 

“Within five seconds in their room audition, I knew they were going straight to the final. They were consistent and ticked all the boxes. Considering open style possibly being a bit dark for the general public, it’s actually a massive achievement. I wish them all the luck in the world.”

He said he offered some advice to Jomike and Lydon, after having worked with the legendary late Maltese folk singer Il-Budaj on two occasions in the studio. 

Debono also stood up for rapper Il-Lapes, who raised eyebrows with his performance roasting all four judges and host Gordon Bonello. 

“I mentioned yesterday that one of the things that makes rap so distinct is the raw and direct lyrical content. One shouldn’t be over sensitive. We should always defend artistic license. His double time rap was pure talent.”

Wishing you a happy festive season, hopefully these eleven episodes helped ease this pandemic fatigue.”

Do you think Jomike and Lydon deserved to win Malta’s Got Talent?

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