Malta’s Meme Master Does It Again! Grandayy Has Just Hit An Insane Twitter Milestone… But There’s A Small Caveat
maltas meme master does it again grandayy has just hit an insane twitter milestone but theres a small caveat - Malta’s Meme Master Does It Again! Grandayy Has Just Hit An Insane Twitter Milestone… But There’s A Small Caveat

One million will never not be an impressive number, whether you’re talking about straight-up money or YouTube views. But when you’re talking about people following a young man from a country that barely has a population of 500,000, it gets even more impressive.

Malta’s meme king himself, Grandayy, has just hit a million followers on Twitter, exceeding it by hundreds by the time he took a screenshot of the milestone.

And if you’re still not sure about how big of a thing a milestone like that is in a country like Malta, consider this; just last year, Grandayy was celebrating a tenth of that, hitting 100,000 followers on April 2018. And yes, for the Math kids out there, that’s a 1,000% rise in 18 months.

“Thanks for a million Twitter followers,” the young memester posted on Instagram last night, sharing a screenshot of his celebratory Tweet.

There was, though, a small caveat; even at a million followers, Grandayy has still not managed to get himself verified on Twitter.

As expected, the bittersweet announcement made for some gold reactions, with hundreds of comments pouring in within minutes.

And while some were quick to note how Grandayy’s follower base on every social media platform is now officially way more than his entire country’s population, others were quick to bring in the memes. And it ranged from people saying this proves gamers really oppressed to the current favourite; calling someone in his mid-20s a boomer.

“Sad thing is I have like over 10 Maltese articles written about me,” Grandayy commented, ending with a sarcastic, “If Maltese articles don’t count then Twitter is racist confirmed?”

Maybe someone should tell him the last thing Twitter Verified posted was them taking the service down back in 2017 though…

And while a lot of Grandayy’s memes live on Twitter, this isn’t even his only – or most successful – realm.

Rising through the Minecraft YouTube ranks well before heavyweights like PewDiePie and Jacksepticeye hopped on the bandwagon (and threw everyone in with them), Grandayy is somewhat of an online celebrity in the YouTube world.

Sitting on 558 videos over five years that have helped him rack up 2.49 million subscribers and over half a billion views (and that’s not even his only channel!) Grandayy has become a staple of most worldwide millennials trawling YouTube for quick laughs and dank memes.

Meanwhile, the young Maltese man – who’s never showed his face on camera and is actually a qualified doctor – has racked up another three million followers on Instagram… where, weirdly enough, he also isn’t verified yet.

Well done Grandayy, and keep representing Malta’s name in the weird and beautiful way only you know!

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