Malta’s Private School Fees To Be Slashed By 35% As Teaching Continues Online
maltas private school fees to be slashed by 35 as teaching continues online - Malta’s Private School Fees To Be Slashed By 35% As Teaching Continues Online

Fees for Malta’s private schools will be slashed by a minimum of 35%, Education Minister Owen Bonnici announced earlier today amidst a number of additional measures aimed at safeguarding the sector in these Coronavirus-dominated times.

“When it comes to fees that are paid by parents to private schools, the government would like to clarify that this is an arrangement between these individuals and the private schools,” Bonnici clarified on Facebook, going on to say that should the need arise for any revisions to be made to the current agreement, this would need to occur through further discussions between the two parties.

However, the 35% fee reduction – applicable for the rest of this scholastic year – is the current agreement the government has managed to strike with the nation’s private schools.

“Every private person is free to enter into ulterior debates with the private schools should there be the need,” Bonnici continued.

Bonnici’s post also included a number of other measures that have been introduced “to support over 2,100 jobs in childcare centres and private schools”.

“Thanks to this agreement, all the educators and workers who work in private schools will have their employment supported and won’t be at risk of losing their jobs,” Bonnici said. “In total, there are over 900 full-time workers and over 180 part-timers in the private school industry.”

“At the same time, no student from any of these schools will lose their place in the school.”

Bonnici went on to say that educators in the private school sector will continue to teach students online the same way that their colleagues in state and Church schools are currently doing.

On a final note, “all the workers who work in private childcare centres who are in the free childcare scheme will have their job supported,” Bonnici stated. “In total, there are 778 full-timers and 269 part-timers in these centres.”

The Education Minister closed off by saying the government was urging workers in Malta’s childcare centres to keep offering their services and activities online and to keep communicating with their client-parents.

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