Malta’s Unemployment Rate Almost Back To Pre COVID-19 Numbers
maltas unemployment rate almost back to pre covid 19 numbers - Malta’s Unemployment Rate Almost Back To Pre COVID-19 Numbers

Malta’s latest unemployment statistics are edging ever closer to pre COVID-19 numbers, a publication by the National Statistics Office shows.

Last March, when the first positive case hit our shores, Malta had 10,711 unemployed individuals, equating to 3.9% of Malta’s workforce.

Similarly, last August, 4.1% of the country’s workforce was unemployed – equating to a total of 10,994 individuals.

Malta’s 2020 unemployment rate reached its peak last April, wherein 12,263 individuals were unemployed. However, since then, numbers have been on a steady decline.

Having said that, 2020’s numbers are considerably higher than last year’s.

From August to December 2019, Malta’s unemployment rate stood at a steady 3.6%.

In 2020 this number was only surpassed in February, wherein it reached 3.5%. Two months later however, Malta’s unemployment rate soared to a worrying 4.5%.

What do you make of these numbers?

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