Maltese Creators Unite! The Legendary Maker Faire Is Landing In Ta’ Qali This March
maltese creators unite the legendary maker faire is landing in ta qali this march - Maltese Creators Unite! The Legendary Maker Faire Is Landing In Ta’ Qali This March

Creating something from nothing is a feat I will never truly understand – let alone master – but it sure is awesome to behold. This March, a global celebration of just that will finally be making its way to our islands… and it’s aptly set to be a part of Malta’s biggest tech fair.

15 years after its inception, Maker Faire will be coming to MFCC in Ta’ Qali between the 27th and 29th March as part of the Malta Robotics Olympiad.

An event created by MAKE magazine back in 2005 with the aim of celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, science projects and the DIY mindset, Maker Faire is making its way to Malta next month to shine a light on some of the islands’ most creative minds.

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An absolute first of its kind locally, the Maker Faire promises everything from traditional designs to cutting-edge concepts, with no limits to the creations allowed.

And creators can exhibit their work for free!

Allowing aptly-named makers to take centre stage, Maker Faire encourages local creators to showcase their projects at no charge, with visitors being allowed to interact with the creatives and their creations alike. Click here if you are interested in signing up.

Bringing the Maker Faire brand to Malta is a group of local enthusiasts and creatives; Invent 3D Ltd, Thought 3D Ltd, Planet Boop and 3DMN (Joseph Casha).

“We’re trying to push for Malta to have a local community and for the people to have somewhere where they can go where there would be a collection of all this talent, from old to cutting edge,” co-founder and Invent 3D director David Sciberras said in an interview earlier this month.

With an impressive portfolio of 3D-printed works under their belt, the group of local creatives has secured a vast area within the Malta Robotics Olympiad, Malta’s largest tech event.

Beyond creatives and enthusiasts alike, Malta’s Maker Faire will also be hosting a number of YouTubers and influencers…

Boasting a collective following of nearly a million subscribers, 3D Printing Nerd, Thomas Sanladerer, Ivan Miranda and Malta’s very own 3DMN will all be on the island for the event, and will each add even more flair to the current 3D printing craze that’s sweeping the globe.

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The event will see makers and influencers giving presentations and talks on what they do, how they do it, and inspires them to create. Meanwhile, in the workshop area, something will always be going down, with opportunities for hands-on experiences available for guests.

Over the weekend, some 20,000 local visitors are expected… and that’s not counting international reach via YouTube and some 4,000 students visiting on the fair’s first day.

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Maker Faire’s debut year in Malta is set to be a blast… but to make sure it’s as good as it can be, the organisers are looking for sponsors across their three different categories

Sponsorship spots in the Platinum, Gold and Silver categories are currently up for grabs, with the ultimate aim of sustaining and strengthening the ‘maker’ mindset.

Of course, at the heart of the Maker Faire are the makers themselves… and there are 75 free spots up for grabs.

Anyone who has a talent or skill to show off can enter the fair, with absolutely no set limit to the creativity on show.

“If you love building bikes, working with wood, building literally anything, and have your own sector and wish to showcase it, we want to divide our slots between people who have projects big or small,” David Sciberras continued. “We want to hit different sectors without having to focus too much on 3D Printing. We want to create an awesome space.”

Each maker will have the opportunity to give a talk on stage, as well as host a workshop in the shared workshop area.

So if you’ve got anything cool that’s worth shouting about, get in touch with the organisers. And we do mean anything; how about a rocket-launcher-powered-sock-remover?

So if this sounds like an event you just can’t miss, check out Maker Faire on Facebook. 

And if you feel like your company would be a great sponsor, get in touch with organisers David Sciberras and Edward Borg ASAP.

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