Maltese Doctor Rebukes EU For Its ‘Anti-AstraZeneca Agenda’
maltese doctor rebukes eu for its anti astrazeneca agenda - Maltese Doctor Rebukes EU For Its ‘Anti-AstraZeneca Agenda’

An outspoken Maltese doctor has criticised the European Union for its smear campaign against the UK-made COVID-19 vaccine, AstraZeneca.

“The political agenda to belittle a scientific achievement by a country which has just left the EU, where the rest of the EU failed to do so is obvious,” Anthony Buttigieg warned.

Buttigieg listed a number of myths he said are propagated by the European Union about the vaccine.

“The EU said the AstraZeneca vaccine was only 60% effective. Large scale studies in the real world after millions of doses in the UK show it not only as effective as the Pfizer vaccine, the immune response after one dose lasts much longer.”

The union also suggested that is might not be safe or effective in the elderly, causing most member states to save the doses for people under 55. However, Buttigieg said, the same studies found that it gave 100% protection against serious illness after only one dose.

According to the doctor, it more recently suggested that the vaccine doesn’t work on the more contagious UK variant, which Malta is battling at the moment, but research proved it is.

“Now it’s saying the AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots when in reality the patients who were administered the first dose probably already had COVID-19, which indeed does cause blood clots, one of its worse complications.”

“Oddly enough in the UK, where millions of doses have been administered, there have been no such reports,” he added.

The corporate agenda is worse, Buttigieg continued.

“Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson stand to lose billions if the AstraZeneca vaccine is widely accepted. Do not think they are not above ‘influencing’ European politicians to sow doubt regarding its efficacy and safety.”

Buttigieg said that unlike other vaccines, the AstraZeneca vaccine, created by UK scientists, can be stored in normal fridges and is much cheaper and easier to distribute.

“The AstraZeneca vaccine IS safe. If you are offered it, take it.”

Malta is one of 17 countries to receive a batch of the UK vaccine currently under investigation for a potential quality defect.

Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Austria have suspended the batch while Denmark has completely halted all AstraZeneca vaccines after some patients developed blood clots following their inoculation. 

The remaining countries include Bulgaria, Cyprus, France, Iceland, Greece, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and Sweden, none of which have suspended the delivery of the vaccine.

Despite initial concerns, the European Medicines Agency said there is no indication that the “vaccination has caused these conditions”. 

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