Maltese Foodbank Reports 53% Increase In Use Since 2018
maltese foodbank reports 53 increase in use since 2018 - Maltese Foodbank Reports 53% Increase In Use Since 2018

Foodbank Lifeline Foundation, a foodbank service in Malta, has announced an increase of 53% in the average number of families seeking their services between 2018 and 2019, the Times of Malta has reported.

Foodbank Lifeline’s acting chairperson, Diana Nye, has stated that the average number of families making use of their services has increased from 59 to 90.

With an average of 350 individuals helped every week through food donation in 2019 alone, in just the past five weeks, the foundation has been helping to feed 527 families.

As of October this year, a total of 3,654 food packs had been distributed by the foundation, with an estimated value of near €176,000, to both first-time “walk-ins” and those referred to the foodbank through organisations like LEAP or Appoġġ.

Ross Yarnold, the foodbank coordinator for the foundation, also said that these figures came close to the estimates presented in June earlier this year. 

The charity had since gone on record to note that should demand for their services remain constant in accordance to the current estimates, the foundation will be feeding more than 16,500 people by the end of the year with an estimated total value of distributed food nearing €225,000.

The foundation actually buys most of the food that is distributed through its centres, but they do also rely on donations from the public. For more information on how to get involved, check out their website here.

One woman making use of the distribution centres told the Times that the foodbanks were “the best place to come” after the discovery of a cancerous tumour that had since forced her to move from full-time to part-time work, leaving her struggling to afford her rent of €650 a month and put food on the table for her daughter.

Another mother had also said that they “prefer to be able to provide for my children rather than come here” but that it was still “better to come here and feed my kids than do nothing”.

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