Maltese Jewellery Brand Donates Thousands To Women Empowerment Groups
maltese jewellery brand donates thousands to women empowerment groups - Maltese Jewellery Brand Donates Thousands To Women Empowerment Groups

A Malta-born jewellery brand has donated €5,000 to organisations that help women in need through the launch of a specially made collection.

Mvintage produces bespoke pieces on the islands, and their new “Ħabbata Collection” aims to raise funds for women’s shelter Dar Merħba Bik and empowerment group Women for Women.

“As a brand we have this cause at heart – to keep working in our community, supporting other women and to make sure that these women can receive shelter, better education and any support they require to get back on their feet, find their inner strength, and become once again independent women,” explained Mvintage founder Krystle Penza.

Both groups were evidently grateful for these donations.

For Dar Merħba Bik, the pandemic meant that their usual source of income through fundraising was stopped.

“We are overwhelmed with this donation. Thank you so much. The money will help so many women – it will make more shelters available. Receiving this means a lot, that especially in these trying days to help girls to be safe in the current pandemic climate,” Elaine Pavia from the shelter said.

Meanwhile, the new fund has given Women for Women more space to support women who need it the most.

“This donation will aid us to help empower more women through structures like education and short-term financial health. We will be able to further support women that are living day-to-day life struggles. Women go through lots of barriers full of red tape. This money will help women receive the tools they need to find the right job for them,” founder Francesca Fenech Conti remarked.

Well done Mvintage!

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