Maltese Police Fine Two People €1,000 Each For Breaching Quarantine Rules
, Maltese Police Fine Two People €1,000 Each For Breaching Quarantine Rules

Maltese police have fined two people €1,000 each after finding them in violation of mandatory quarantine rules.

In a statement, the Home Affairs Ministry said police from the Administrative Law Enforcement Unit, accompanied by officials from the Directorate for Public Health and the Civil Protection Department, have carried out 90 inspections in the first 24 hours since the new quarantine rules were launched. Two were found in violation of the rules and were subsequently fined €1,000 on the spot.

“The inspections will continue in the coming hours and days, in both private residences and hotels,” the ministry said. “Inspections can also be done in places that have already been previously inspected. The police have reported that persons undergoing an inspection have all been fully cooperative.”

Home Affairs Minister Byron Camilleri thanked the police and all the officers, who in these crucial times are working closely with the health authorities to help combat the spread of Covid-19.

Earlier today, Prime Minister Robert Abela urged the public to follow quarantine rules, not out of fear of getting fined but out of a genuine sense of civic duty towards vulnerable people who are more at risk by the COVID-19 coronavirus.

“We shouldn’t be selfish but think of everyone around us,” he said. “This isn’t the moment for egoism and we should think of other people too.”

To report someone who you suspect has broken mandatory quarantine, you can  2294 4504 or 2294 4511 or email at

To report symptoms or to get more information about the virus, call 111 or email at

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