Maltese Pony Leaves Old Town Road, Rides To Pama In The Back Of A Car

Anyone near PAMA last weekend would have had the chance to catch a rare sight in Malta. Not a flying pig, no, but a backseat pony.

There never is a dull moment in Malta and the first viral photo Christmas 2019 will prove just that:

Yeah, we’re confused too.

Online animal activists – that’s Sallott users to you and me – were quick to douse the humour as a post from Gwida broke the story on Facebook and was quickly circulated through social media. 

One reader noted that the driver of the car, who was not pictured, must have been very busy that day because the “same car and pony was spotted in a number of places”.

If by a number of places you mean the natural habitat of a miniature pony, then sure…

Another user who saw the first comment also noted that the “poor pony was spotted at various times of the day” which lead to others thinking that it must have been in the car for a while.

“Also, with the amount of traffic and accidents it is not very wise to keep a pony like that,” someone else chimed in with, only for another to rain on the pony parade saying that they “can’t see how this is funny”.

“If this was a dog locked in the car everyone would be unleashing their inner ‘animal lover’, but since it’s a pony…”

, Maltese Pony Leaves Old Town Road, Rides To Pama In The Back Of A Car

In all seriousness, we can’t actually confirm or deny whether or not this is safe. For reasons, obviously.

You don’t need us to point out all the things that could go wrong with having a pony in your car. Animal Welfare is yet to respond to our questions as to what the real implications of a bovine passenger could be. At least we do know one child is going to wake up on Christmas morning and find something better than a rocking horse under their tree.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re off to listen to Xtruppaw’s Dear Poni on repeat for the next four hours.

Tag a friend who needs to take their horse to the Old Town Road and ride ’til they can’t no more.

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