Meet Kaya And Ike, The Adorable Couple That Stole The Island’s Hearts On Malta’s Got Talent
meet kaya and ike the adorable couple that stole the islands hearts on maltas got talent - Meet Kaya And Ike, The Adorable Couple That Stole The Island’s Hearts On Malta’s Got Talent

One of the youngest couples in Malta just stole the island’s hearts; ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally come for Kaya and Ike to take the stage.

During the latest episode of Malta’s Got Talent, the two 10-year-olds took to the main stage for a blistering and fun performance of the Lion King’s ‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ that immediately left them in viewers’ good books.

Kaya’s incredible range and Ike’s determined rapping definitely caught everyone’s attention and left the four judges stunned. 

But who are Ike Mizzi and Kaya Gouder Curmi? 

Kaya has been uploading music for a few years now, dedicating songs to her beloved mother as well as her friends and family

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Posted by Kaya Gouder Curmi on Monday, March 5, 2018

She is a student of La Voix Studios under the tuition of Ms Gillian Attard, and was a finalist in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest with the song Made Of Stars.

Speaking of her relationship with Ike, she said: “from friends, we’ve become family and when there is love there is passion.”

Ike himself has shown a keen interest in rap and hip hop over the last year or two, even appearing as Owen Leuellen’s younger counterpart in his video for My Time.

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Indeed, ahead of last night’s performance, Owen Leuellen himself had told Ike that he “can’t wait to see him on stage”, alongside a fist-bump.

And it wasn’t only him – many others within the junior local music industry, including the families of Gaia Cauchi and Giorgia Borg, praised the young pair for their energy and sheer musicality.

And their different vocal styles seemed to be a hit last night, making them stand out from the rest of the talented crowd – and since last night, Kaya and Ike have taken to social media to thank their supporters, with Kaya saying: “Following our yesterday’s performance on Malta’s Got Talent, I have received an overwhelming number of messages and I would like to thank you all for your support.”

You can watch their blistering performance in full below – and get ready, because this is definitely not the last time we’ve seen this young talented couple. 

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