Melita Unveils Fitness Sessions And Weekend Clubbing Nights To Keep You Active At Home

With the way things are going, you can work out, party and stream movies nonstop from the comfort of your living room… and you have Melita to thank for that.

To make things a whole lot easier, the telecommunications company has opened 10 TV channels to all their TV customers and are also giving their TV90+ customers an optional free upgrade to all channels.

Sounds like couch potato heaven, right? 

Wrong. As of today, Melita will be hosting four-minute fitness sessions every three hours from 6 am to midnight, guaranteed to make you sweat and bolster that immune system of yours.

If you’re a workout-junkie, your living room is the place to be. Channel 100 is where you’ll be tuning in daily, especially on Sunday, when Melita will broadcast a special, butt-kicking one-hour long workout session.

Not only that, but you can quickly change out of your gym clothes and into your party clothes because Channel 100 is now the new home of Malta’s clubbing scene.

Melita is partnering up with renowned event organisers Sound Salon/G7 to bring the party to your living room with DJ live-streams held every Saturday and Sunday so you’ll never miss a beat again!

We know you’re going to be tuning in and, with so much on offer, we imagine most people will be too. Thankfully, Melita’s constant dedication to providing the best quality service has paid off and the telecommunications company has managed the surge in network traffic like a boss. 

But if things do go wrong,  then they’re always there to help.

Melita is only a text away thanks to their dedicated 24/7 online customer care – an essential feature for a time like this when more people than ever are relying on the internet for everyday usage. Whether you need to contact Melita for a downgrade or upgrade, a temporary suspension, paying bills or any other queries, they are encouraging people to do as much as possible online to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. 

They’re not just taking care of their customers, they’re taking care of Malta.

And not just in terms of the pandemic either. Melita has also begun rolling out a fleet of electric vans to better help protect the environment and is also sponsoring cats, dogs and even a horse at animal sanctuaries around Malta… because they deserve to be looked after too.

melita unveils fitness sessions and weekend clubbing nights to keep you active at home - Melita Unveils Fitness Sessions And Weekend Clubbing Nights To Keep You Active At Home

And while Melita may not be on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19, they are key workers who still need to ensure outlets remain open and they are there doing whatever they can to support those who are.

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Posted by Melita on Monday, March 30, 2020

They are now giving away 5GB of data a week to police officers, doctors, nurses and the armed forces as a thank you for all the hard work they are doing during these troubling times.

They’re also giving 5GB worth of data to all staff at Mater Dei because they too are sacrificing everything to keep us safe.

All in all, Melita offers much more than lightning-fast internet, over a hundred TV channels and excellent customer service. The Maltese company is here for Malta and is making life during this pandemic a whole lot easier.

We’re all in this together and Melita is fully aware that everyone is doing their best to stay home and stay safe.

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