melitas chief technology officer to discuss 5g on lovin daily tomorrow - Melita’s Chief Technology Officer To Discuss 5G On Lovin Daily Tomorrow

Simon Montanaro, Melita’s Chief Technology Officer, will appear on tomorrow’s edition of Lovin Malta to discuss the planned rollout of 5G technology.

You can watch the live interview at 10am on Lovin Malta’s Facebook page. 

Last week, Melita announced that initial tests showed the fifth generation of internet to be extremely safe and found no significant difference in electromagnetic radiation from the current 4G.

They found that the energy levels given out by 5G were less than 1% of the level the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) considers safe.

However, the announcement was met with a lot of scepticism online, hardly surprising given how controversial the technology has proved to be and how many conspiracy theories have spouted up over its use. Lovin Daily airs every weekday at 10am on Lovin Malta’s Facebook page.

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