The European Parliament is set to vote tomorrow on whether to give its consent to the European Council regarding the future relationship between the EU and UK, especially when it comes to trade.

This agreement has been provisionally applied since January 2021 and will lapse on 30th April 2021. Previously, leaders of the Parliament had promised that this sort of provisional implementation would remain unique to the situation that Brexit was in back on 24th December 2020.

In this April plenary session, MEPs will also be debating and voting on a resolution that seeks to assess the agreement, in which they insist on its full implementation along with the Withdrawal Agreement.

Simultaneously, it will stress the Parliament’s role in scrutinising the practical application of any such deals. The results of the votes are expected to be announced on Wednesday at 9 am.

Originally, the provisional agreement was adopted as part of the negotiation process of Brexit in order to mitigate the disruption for citizens and businesses, while also seeking to prevent the chaos of a no-deal scenario. Yet, it is a measure that has time and again been emphasised to not be a precedent nor blueprint for future EU deals.

On the condition of the Parliament’s consent, this agreement will help govern the new EU-UK relationship in a post-Brexit era, establishing trade on zero-tariff/quota terms and will also cover a wide range of areas from energy to transport and fisheries, among others.

, MEPs To Debate And Scrutinise Deal On The Future Of EU-UK Relations Ahead Of A Post-Brexit Future

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