‘Mexit’ Supporters Protest In Front Of Castille For Malta To Leave EU
mexit supporters protest in front of castille for malta to leave eu - ‘Mexit’ Supporters Protest In Front Of Castille For Malta To Leave EU

A group of people gathered in front of Castille this afternoon to call for a referendum on Malta’s membership of the European Union.

The protestors insist Malta must follow the UK’s footsteps due to the high rate of immigration to the island, which they warn is posing a threat to Maltese culture and the Maltese way of life.

However, the protesters also held up slogans against environmental destruction, abortion, foreign criminality and the rising cost of living, issues they are seemingly associating with immigration and the EU.

Fr David Muscat, a Mosta cleric who has endorsed Imperium Europa leader Norman Lowell, addressed the crowd, warning that even migrants who come to Malta through legal channels are problematic and stating that his concerns don’t boil down to racism.

The protest was symbolically held in front of the monument of former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff, who is often quoted by anti-immigration activists

Should Malta ‘Mexit’ the EU?

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