Multitasking Master Memes! Bolt Food Had A Genius Reply To Those Viral Courier Photos

It’s gotten very difficult to go anywhere in Malta without spotting the iconic blue and green bags of Wolt and Bolt Food couriers. But for some confused and amused passer-bys, today was the special day they’d actually see both… on the same bike.

A series of photos showing multitasking couriers sharing bikes – and delivery services – have steadily gone viral throughout the day, with meme pages and message threads alike featuring the eyebrow-raising shots multiple times.

And it’s easy to see why – the photos are gold, and prove to be a pretty good summary of 2020 in Malta so far.

multitasking master memes bolt food had a genius reply to those viral courier photos - Multitasking Master Memes! Bolt Food Had A Genius Reply To Those Viral Courier Photos

But when it came to the companies involved, Bolt Food quickly took it upon themselves to not only take the whole thing on the chin… but make the most out of it.

Seeing all the memes and wanting to do us one better, Bolt Food posted about the matter earlier this evening, urging people to come up with their own memes, quotes and pictures.

And in return, they’re offering a €20 credit to the funniest one!

Getting the ball rolling (not that they really needed to), Bolt Food even shared their own meme, in a beautifully self-aware twist that we all needed this year. “Why so serious?” they asked. Why so serious indeed.

So if you or anyone you know happens to be particularly good at making memes or cracking the internet up with your humour, this is your chance to get in on the joke.

And hey, the best part is, you can literally be fed to make people laugh.

You better hurry though – you’ve only got one week to post your funniest take on the viral photos.

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