New Year, New Music! Check Out What Maltese Musicians Released Over The Past Few Weeks

It’s the start of a new year and Malta-based musicians are already churning out some bangers.

The pandemic might still be here but that hasn’t dampened the hearts of these musical maestros who went ahead and released some fresh tracks onto the local scene over the past few weeks.

From rap to pop, here’s what you need to add to your playlist…

1. Eddie Fresco – Make It Last

Getting a tattoo on his skull is the second coolest thing Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco has done this January, after dropping his first song off his upcoming album.

Make It Last is the first we’re hearing from the rapper this year and it has got some mellow vibes that we weren’t quite expecting from one of the island’s hard-hitting rappers.

Nonetheless, it’s groovy and mature and a fresh change of pace from his catalogue so far.

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2. Leonardo Barilaro – Untouchable, Part 2

Space pianist and composer Leonardo Barilaro has teamed up with Metal goddess Mariangela for a tribute piece titled Untouchable, part 2.

The song is dedicated to Anathema, a famous British band which, after 30 years of activity, announced an indefinite hiatus last September.

This is the first release of 2021 for the space pianist, following what was a busy last year with seven singles.

Barilaro continues to develop his music research by merging different live techniques, shifting from a progressive metal influence to a more elaborate electronic sound.

3. Where It’s ATT – Follow Me

A move back to Australia didn’t stop this Maltese brother duo from churning out some fresh tracks including this bang, Follow Me.

Where It’s ATT has collaborated with a brand new masked artist in the music scene, Veste, who is rumoured to reside in Malta.

Together the two electronic artists release this bass-driven g-house track.

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4. Stefan Varga – Invisible

Stepping onto the Maltese music scene towards the end of last year, Stefan Varga is back with a brand new track, Invisible.

Invisible is not your typical commercial track and comes with an important and relatable message.

“Invisible is an ironic representation of the experiences and outside influences which brought Varga to where he is today. For starters, being a part of the LGBTQI community and growing up in Slovakia proposed its own challenges. Having pressure from family and society to be in what is deemed as a ‘successful’ career niche led him to various career choices, where much of the time he felt ‘invisible’ and not fulfilling his ultimate path of happiness,” the press release read.

5.  Aldo Busutill – Figure Of Identity

Aldo Busuttil latest single is a wholesome dedication to the town of Fgura, a town full of traditions.

As culturally important buildings in the locality, as well as other localities, face more and more pressure to be torn down or replaced, Busuttil wanted to send a strong and emotional message of support.

6. Maxine – Cool Like You

Maxine is starting the year with her gloves on and fists raised, ready to take on any challenge 2021 throws at her.

The young pop singer has just released her latest track, Cool Like You, which has the making of a radio hit.

The song is also accompanied by a high quality music video featuring a fierce and feisty Maxine entangled in a complicated, futuristic love romance.

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new year new music check out what maltese musicians released over the past few weeks - New Year, New Music! Check Out What Maltese Musicians Released Over The Past Few Weeks
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