One Million: Global COVID-19 Cases Hit Bleak Landmark
one million global covid 19 cases hit bleak landmark - One Million: Global COVID-19 Cases Hit Bleak Landmark

Here’s one global milestone no one’s happy to see come to fruition: the Coronavirus pandemic has now affected more than a million people

The news was confirmed tonight when the constantly updating Johns Hopkins site hit the dreaded seven figures.

Now solidly leading the pack of frightening statistics is the United States of America, with over a fifth of those cases at 236,339. Italy is the second most infected country at just over half of that (115,242), with Spain closely behind. If its official numbers are to believed (with many contesting that they aren’t), the pandemic’s origin country China now has the fifth most confirmed cases, at 82,432, after being overtaken by yet another European country, Germany.

208,949 people have recovered from COVID-19, but the total number of deaths worldwide has also hit a grim milestone, as there are now over 50,000 deaths that have been recorded all over the globe.

Of the total 51,485 fatalities, Italy still leads with 13,915 deaths, even though the Mediterranean country recorded its lowest death toll for a week and one of its lowest new-active-case figure earlier today.

Meanwhile in Malta, eight new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed, bringing the island’s total up to 196 just under four weeks after the first case was confirmed.

What do you make of these figures?

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