‘Only a new team can lead PN to reform’ – Louis Galea
only a new team can lead pn to reform louis galea - ‘Only a new team can lead PN to reform’ - Louis Galea

Only a new team can lead the Nationalist Party to a reform and renewal, Louis Galea said in a letter to PN leader Adrian Delia.

As the party faces two resignations – that of Robert Arrigo and Kristy Debono – Galea added his voice to calls for a change in the party leadership.


Galea had been appointed by Delia to work on a reform in the party, which should be completed in the coming weeks.

In his letter, Galea said that on 1 February, a six-hour meeting was held in the presence of the two deputy leaders, Robert Arrigo and David Agius, as well as secretary general Clyde Puli.

In that meeting, apart from a discussion on the draft new statute, there was also talk on the need for a new leadership team for the party.

Galea said that in that meeting he felt that an agreement had been reached for Delia to take steps and approach a number of people to ask them to consider joining him with the aim of: a) a renewal and strengthening of the leadership team; b) a team that manifestly shows the will for unity within the party and; c) the team starts to restore the party and its policies. Galea said that this team should have had the keys to take the necessary decisions and start a new chapter.

Over the past months, via various communications means Galea said he had warned Delia and Puli on the urgency to take steps to lift the party out of its crisis. “I also told you that each day that passes there will ve events and issues that would render the difficult situation even more complex.”

Galea said that he worked with patience, pridence, diplomacy and respect, and that he had consciously refused to comment on his work. He said he did this in the best interest of the party and country, which needs an effective opposition which is built as a credible alternative to the people.

“When I look back to the past two months I see various occasions of resistence, ambivalence and delaying tactics on proposals for the group and party to find their feet,” Galea wrote. The general council ruled that changes to the statue had to be discussed by the end of January, which has already passed.

Since last Saturday’s meeting, no progress was registered on a new leadership team as explained above, Galea wrote. The MaltaToday survey increased the urgency for a decisive action to be taken. Reports on the parliamentary group meeting show the need for immediate action

Galea said that he will be requesting the president of the Executive Committee, Alex Perici Calascione, to take all necessary steps for a new leadershiop team to be chosen for the party. In the circumstances, only a new team can ensure that the party can adopt the measures and proposals needed for its reform and renewal, Galea concluded.

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