Plastic Paradise? Maltese Man On Three-Day Solo Clean-Up Discovers Bay Overrun By Litter
, Plastic Paradise? Maltese Man On Three-Day Solo Clean-Up Discovers Bay Overrun By Litter

A Maltese fitness instructor has embarked on a three-day solo clean-up around the coastline of Malta, and on his second day, he’s gathered enough rubbish to fill up his boat and more.

Mark Galea Pace is currently scouring the bays and beaches of Malta and Gozo on his solo mission to rid the island of plastic, and other rubbish, while raising awareness on the issue of pollution on the island.

However, the environmentalist had to pause for a second this morning and take to Facebook Live to show the abysmal state of Paradise Bay.

At first, the sea looks clean and beautiful but once the camera pans to the shore viewers are met with a mountain of plastic and people’s rubbish, so much so that you won’t find a spot to sunbathe on.

“This is not paradise island,” Galea Pace said.

The video carries on for close to three minutes with Galea Pace walking through the beach showing the endless sea of rubbish washed onshore from people’s careless behaviour.

On just his second day, Galea Pace has gathered enough rubbish to fill up his boat, and he still has another day of solo adventures left before he returns to shore with all his findings.

Galea Pace’s solo mission is being done to help raise awareness for local NGO Nature Trust which is often tasked with rescuing marine life that has fallen victim to humankind’s negligence at sea.

Earlier this week, a loggerhead turtle was found dead on Balluta Bay after it ingested a fishing hook and line.

Each year Nature Trust receives between 25 and 30 calls of injured or dead turtles, many of which die from ingesting plastic.

Galea Pace has inspired others to join him on his journey for a cleaner Malta and he even has a live tracker showing his current location – if you ever want to cheer him on over the next 24 hours!

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