Playing the lotto is allowed, but going to Mass is not, angry Archbishop says
playing the lotto is allowed but going to mass is not angry archbishop says - Playing the lotto is allowed, but going to Mass is not, angry Archbishop says

It is unacceptable that people are allowed to play the lotto but not allowed to attend Mass, an angry Archbishop said on Thurdsay.

In his homily on Maundy Thursday, Mgr Charles Scicluna said that while the Church followed instructions given by the health authorities, he will not accept that another Easter will be celebrated without the presence of the people of God.


He said churches will be open for worship for groups of two, and urged Christians not to allow the current circumstances to dampen their faith.

He said the faithful are tired of making efforts to combat Covid-19. It cannot be accepted that people can go to supermarkets but not allowed to attend Mass, with churches adopting restrictions to contain the disease.

“We are back to where we started because of negligence, lack of prudence… It is not acceptable that the good have to suffer with the bad,” he said.

It is tough for the Church to celebrate its biggest feast – the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ – in the absence of its community.

“We cooperate because we are responsible but this is not a television show… we are being denied the celebration of Easter.”

He also urged people to take the vaccine when called to do so, saying it was their “moral, grave duty” to do so.

He paid tribute to health workers and frontliners for “washing the feet of the public” by carrying out their duties.

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