PN Hits Out At Prime Minister: ‘Abela Confirmed He Lost Control Of Pandemic’
pn hits out at prime minister abela confirmed he lost control of pandemic - PN Hits Out At Prime Minister: ‘Abela Confirmed He Lost Control Of Pandemic’

The Nationalist Party has come out swinging against Robert Abela after the Prime Minister announced a raft of new measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

“With his back to the wall, Abela confirmed he has lost control of the pandemic,” the PN said. “After telling us that waves are in the sea, it is clear that the waves have swamped him and he had to come out of hiding and react to the urgent medical situation following concrete political action announced by Bernard Grech today.”

This political action referred to a parliamentary action group that the Opposition leader announced today, which will be tasked with drafting a strategy about how best to combat the pandemic.

Abela today announced an 11pm curfew for bars and restaurants, the mandatory wearing of masks in practically all places, and the beefing up of enforcement. The PN didn’t comment on the specific measures, although Grech signalled his endorsement towards mandatory mask wearing during an interview last night.

However it did reiterate its call for the resignation of parliamentary secretary for active ageing Silvio Parnis over the manner in which a number of elderly care home residents died in recent weeks after contracting COVID-19.

“It is clearer than ever that the Prime Minister has lost control of the pandemic and that his arrogance has forced to admit that he could have done things better,” the PN said.

“Life means nothing for Robert Abela. Rather than shouldering political responsibility, he tried to blame other people. Despite the deaths and record number of cases, Abela wants to reassure us by saying that this happened because the present circumstances are different, and he believes one can fight the pandemic through buzzwords alone.”

What do you make of the PN’s statement?

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