PN internal elections postponed until revision of statute approved
file - PN internal elections postponed until revision of statute approved

The PN’s Executive Committee has decided to launch the second phase of the party’s reform programme, the party said in a statement, which is aimed at strengthening the PN.

Last July, Louis Galea was put in charge of the internal reforms.

This coming December, the party said, it will begin to consider the proposed changes and after the amendments to the statute are approved, it would then move on to the renewal of its committees, official positions and organs.


A motion put forward by PN Leader Adrian Delia, seconded by Secretary General Clyde Puli, to extend the mandate of the current officials, committees and branches to March 31 next year was approved unanimously, the party said.

Delia said that this was needed in order for the renewals to be carried out according to the new rules. He praised the work and committment by the committees and all those involved in this process. He also praised the Parliamentary Group for their work over the past weeks.

Louis Galea who is heading the reform also spoke during the committee meeting and said that many meetings with MPs, committees and other members were carried out. He said that the Committees also had until the 15th of October to respond to a questinnaire and send him a report with their proposals. He said that now he is examining the documents, as well as the hundreds of letters received from members of the public.

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