PN Leader Adrian Delia Meeting MPs Ahead Of Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle
pn leader adrian delia meeting mps ahead of shadow cabinet reshuffle - PN Leader Adrian Delia Meeting MPs Ahead Of Shadow Cabinet Reshuffle

PN leader Adrian Delia is planning to reshuffle his Shadow Cabinet once a new Prime Minister reveals his team of ministers, Lovin Malta is informed.

Labour Party members will elect their new leader tomorrow and the chosen candidate between Chris Fearne and Robert Abela is expected to announce a new Cabinet early next week.

Meanwhile, Delia has begun meeting his MPs and asking them to express interest in their portfolios of choice.

Some MPs have welcomed Delia’s approach to consult with MPs rather than impose his ideas. Others have told Lovin Malta they felt uncomfortable asking for the portfolios of their colleagues and they expected Delia to offer his own vision.

Delia, who was elected in 2017, has had a tough two years especially in terms of support from his own parliamentary group. He has also failed to make inroads with the electorate but has so far resisted calls to step down.

A recent survey by Lovin Malta found that two thirds of Maltese people believe there is no Opposition in the country, with 66% of respondents saying they were “not convinced at all” that the Nationalist Party offered a solid opposition to the Labour Party.

The survey found that 63.6% of the public felt they were not convinced at all by his credibility as an aspiring Prime Minister and 60% said they believed Delia should not remain the party’s leader.

Despite surviving a confidence vote following an abysmal performance with the MEP and local council elections, it seems that Delia’s overwhelming lack of popularity is being reflected in the survey.

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