PN Leader Condemns ‘Nazi’ Attack On Maltese Actress As ‘Intimidation And Censorship’
, PN Leader Condemns ‘Nazi’ Attack On Maltese Actress As ‘Intimidation And Censorship’

Opposition leader Adrian Delia has condemned the way actress Pia Zammit has been portrayed as a Nazi sympathiser for having taken part in a theatre production of ‘Allo ‘Allo ten years ago.

“If we truly believe in freedom of expression, there should be no intimidation, censorship or any other form of attacks on actors,” Delia tweeted. “Art is a form of expression. I condemn the attack on actress Pia Zammit.”

On Sunday, newspaper It-Torċa published the comments of an anonymous educator who expressed offence at how Zammit, who is also an Occupy Justice activist, had worn a swastika in a 2009 performance of the comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo.

A photo of Zammit wearing a Nazi costume, that one of the actress’ friends had published on Facebook several years ago, made the rounds online in recent days with a number of people suggesting she could be a Nazi sympathiser. 

“This paladin of democracy dressed up as her Nazi in her youth,” former General Workers’ Union leader Tony Zarb commented. “Who knows why she seems so happy? I’m merely asking.”

Din hija l-paladina tad Demokrazija, tiehder liebsa tan Nazi fi tfulita min jaf ghalfejn tiehder daqshekk kuntenta?(…

Posted by Tony Zarb on Monday, August 19, 2019

Zammit has described the attempt to brand her as a Nazi sympathiser as a blatant form of intimidation and attempted censorship.

“We are truly living in Bizarro-Land when harassment like this is accepted,” she said. “Actors are being accused of actually being the parts that they play, and being publicly shamed for being actors.”

Several local actors have also posted photos of themselves in character with the hashtag #ImAnActor in solidarity with Zammit.

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