PN’s Budget Criticism Included A Note That Was Probably Not Meant To Be There

The Nationalist Party have criticised the government’s recent budget on a number of points in a new document – however, they might have needed to do one more bit of proofing of the document itself before releasing it to the public.

A recent PN document published after the budget criticised 100 government promises that had not been implemented.

It, however, also featured a line criticising the government for not legislating against the gender pay gap, with a note they seemingly forgot to edit out with plans saying they should criticize the government for delaying it if it does end up introducing it.

“Gender pay gap. This is the difference in the pay between women and men for the same work at the same grade. The government doesn’t care about this reality to the extent that it doesn’t even have a plan in this area and this problem continues to worsen,” the PN said in Maltese in their document, followed by: “(this might not be in this year’s budget which means we would need to criticize it for the delay and of course depending on the proposal)” in English.

pns budget criticism included a note that was probably not meant to be there - PN’s Budget Criticism Included A Note That Was Probably Not Meant To Be There

The note in question

The blunder comes as the Opposition Party takes aim at budget measures.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat pointed out the error during Parliament today, saying: “I read things before presenting them”.

Other than the gender pay gap, the PN criticised how water and electricity bills were being calculated, Malta’s new international reputation, and a lack of an environmental vision.

What do you think of the sidenote?

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