Police No Longer Investigating PN MP Toni Bezzina Over 2012 Allegations
, Police No Longer Investigating PN MP Toni Bezzina Over 2012 Allegations

Nationalist Party MP Toni Bezzina has been cleared of wrongdoing by a police probe into allegations of wrongdoing dating back to 2012. 

Bezzina’s lawyer, Joe Giglio, confirmed that Bezzina was no longer the subject of police investigations. 

“I am proud to have stood by and assisted Perit Bezzina, as well as other before him within Partit Nazzjonalista, who were persecuted because of their political beliefs and for nothing else,” said Giglio, who will himself a PN candidate in the next election.

The allegations, originally made over 10 years ago, resurfaced again last month when it was reported that the Opposition MP had been called in for questioning by the police.

But despite reports that the police were set to charge the MP, no criminal proceedings were ever initiated. 

Bezzina has maintained throughout that the case was a “political frame-up”.  

The story first hit the headlines in 2012 when Labour Party-owned newspaper Kullħadd and L-Orizzont reported that Bezzina, an architect employed by the Public Works Department, had instructed government employees to carry out maintenance work at the PN’s Żurrieq każin, of which he was the president. 

Bezzina instituted libel proceedings over the reports, losing one and winning the other. 

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