Prime Minister: Malta’s Single-Use Plastic Ban A Sign Of Cultural Changes
prime minister maltas single use plastic ban a sign of cultural changes - Prime Minister: Malta’s Single-Use Plastic Ban A Sign Of Cultural Changes

Malta’s upcoming single-use plastic ban is a powerful signal of the ongoing changes within the country’s culture, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said.

“Over thirty measures in the budget are related to the climate and the circular economy,” Muscat told a press conference at Castille. “This isn’t only about the environment but about how we want our economy to develop.”

He added that the single-use plastic ban alone will send a powerful signal about how Malta’s culture is changing.

This first phase of a plastic-free plan for the island will see the importation and production of single-use plastic items, such as cutlery, plastic bags, straws and plates, stop by 1st January 2021 and their sale and distribution banned a year later.

In its Budget for 2020, the government pledged to introduce a national strategy for carbon neutrality, with a goal for Malta to be completely carbon neutral by 2050. As part of this plan, the government will set a cut-off date for the purchase of petrol or diesel cars, after which all new cars that enter Malta will have to be electric or run on alternative fuels.

Ahead of this change, fuel stations will be obliged to install electric car charging points and the government will introduce a preferential tariff for people owning an electric car, set at 12.95c/MW.

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