Ready For Easter? These Seven Bakeries Will Satisfy Your Figolli Cravings This Season

The Lenten season in Malta offers a variety of delicious treats to enjoy. Yet none are greater than the classical Figolla, which has blessed our Easter baskets for years.

In the run-up to Easter Sunday, it is easy to get lost in the rush to finish off buying all your Easter eggs only to be at a loss of where is best to buy a Figolla for your family or friends.

Thankfully, bakeries across Malta offer countless takes on the beloved traditional treat – whether in classical form or taking a new twist on this timeless delicacy.

Here are seven places in Malta where you will be able to sate your desire for amazing Figolli this year.

Whilst more known bakeries are definitely worth mentioning, The Happy Baker is an amazing choice if you want to guarantee that homemade feeling when buying a Figolla.

Each Figolla from The Happy Baker offers you a pure almond taste whilst also making sure to capture that balance of a Figolla not being too dry or too moist.

Whilst The Happy Baker may not be on your radar, you definitely should keep your eye on them – even past the Easter season.

If you’d rather go for something traditional yet equally delicious, Maypole is always your reliable source of Figolli – specialising in offering a traditional variant with the delicious icing sugar we all go crazy for in Easter.

The family-run business offers a Figolla that will feel as if you made this with your family, or even remind you of the days when your nanna would bring a whole batch of freshly baked Figolli for your Easter Sunday lunch.

You even get a chance to decorate your very own Easter Cookies – not only offering a fun activity for your children at Easter but also an amazing alternative to simply focusing on chocolate at this time of year.

For those looking for a unique take on Figolli, Manouche is offering a variety of flavoured Figolli, different bases (including pistachio and almond) alongside different fillings such as fondant or marzipan.

These decadent, egg-shaped Figolli will not only offer you a whole new level of enjoyment for this classical Maltese treat, but it will also certainly leave you hungering for more.

That said, it should be noted that among this list, Manouche’s Figolli is among the more high-priced. But hey it’s the holidays, why not spoil yourself a bit?

For those who love the natural flavours and love that Toghma puts into their goods, then you will definitely appreciate the creative, flavourful effort they have put into their Figolli.

Though also on the higher end price of this list, Toghma’s pistachio filled Figolli are a decadent treat that you won’t be able to pass up.

More so with the fact that these have a crispy layer of pistachio rocher added into the mix.

It cannot be stated enough how visually stunning these Figolli look. Yet, they are not only visually appetising, but they are also amazingly unique (and pun-worthy).

Chocolate District’s Figolli, take a new spin on this classic treat. Taking the fig in Figolla and running with it, this fig marzipan (reduced in red wine) and almond Figolla is enveloped with decadent dark chocolate with citrusy flavours of lemon zest and oranges.

Talk about melding artisanal chocolate flavours with Figolli. It both looks and tastes like a gift from above.

A no brainer is always going to be Busy Bee. As one of Malta’s leading caterers, their treats have blessed our plates (and stomachs) ever since their establishment in 1933.

Of course, Busy Bee has offered customers a slew of Easter Treats this year when it comes to Figolli, offering Figolli both with entire Easter hampers and on their own. The quality of these classic Figolli is in safe hands with Busy Bee.

Plus, if you like decorating your own Figolla or want to give your children an exciting Easter Sunday activity, say no more. You can purchase your own DIY box to decorate your Figolla and even win an Easter surprise through a competition that they are running!

Last but definitely not least is Dolceria Appettitosa. Located on a small road in Għargħur, they offer a delicious array of baked goods.

You may go there for a Figolla, of which they have numerous types including ones with icing, marzipan or even chocolate, yet you will definitely stay for the decadent Żeppoli or even their counter filled with amazing treats like Neapolitan Sfogliatelli.

Which place is your go-to for Figolli? Let us know in the comments

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ready for easter these seven bakeries will satisfy your figolli cravings this season - Ready For Easter? These Seven Bakeries Will Satisfy Your Figolli Cravings This Seasonready for easter these seven bakeries will satisfy your figolli cravings this season - Ready For Easter? These Seven Bakeries Will Satisfy Your Figolli Cravings This Season
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