Return Of The Golden Oldies! New York Best Teases Fan Favourites’ Juicy Comeback
return of the golden oldies new york best teases fan favourites juicy comeback - Return Of The Golden Oldies! New York Best Teases Fan Favourites’ Juicy Comeback

Nine years of mouth-watering Instagram shots later, New York Best has become synonymous with Malta’s love of fast food with high-quality ingredients. One of the birthplaces of the gourmet burger on the island, NYB closed its flagship doors last summer… but some old favourites might soon be returning after all.

“Bringing back some golden oldies,” Diacono brother Nicholas teased earlier this week, sharing a couple of burger shots that NYB fans from across the decade will definitely recognise.

First up was the one, the only, the Buttermilk fried sriracha chicken burger, one of NYB’s longest-standing bestsellers.

Working the well-oiled NYB hype machine that has been going strong since 2011, Nicholas shared a classic video; a close-up of the crunchy chicken burger being drenched in the signature sriracha mayo sauce.

“Coming (back) soon,” Diacono teased.

The combination of salty and spicy made the chicken specialty a go-to for a whole lot of customers, and it didn’t take long for the comments to start pouring in.

“Miss this so much, bring the entire menu back please,” was the sentiment of the day, and, TBH, same.

The next day, Diacono followed it up with another “Golden Oldie”; the Guido Burger.

NYB’s signature beef blend, with mozzarella scamorzata and basil mayo? Erm, yes. Yes please. All the yeses.

“My prayers have been heard,” one rejoicing comment read, as many more joined the celebration.

More details have yet to emerge on the return of NYB’s Golden Oldies, but with everyone stuck indoors and the chain’s legacy living on through its Sliema bistro, this honestly couldn’t have come at a better time.

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