Robert Abela Meets Pro-Cannabis Lobby ReLeaf In ‘Fruitful’ Discussions On Personal Use
, Robert Abela Meets Pro-Cannabis Lobby ReLeaf In ‘Fruitful’ Discussions On Personal Use

Malta’s most prominent pro-cannabis lobby held a meeting with the island’s Prime Minister and Reforms Junior Minister.

ReLeaf president Andrew Bonello, accompanied by Dr Andrew Agius of the Pain Clinic, sat down with Robert Abela, Rosianne Cutajar as well as PL Deputy Leader Daniel Micallef to discuss issues related to the personal use of cannabis, and any hopes for the legalisation of it for Maltese citizens.

Speaking to Lovin Malta, Bonello described the meeting as “very cordial and fruitful” and centred around continued criminalisation of non-violent cannabis consumers on the island.

“ReLeaf is pleased that the Government continues to show the political will to bring about change and ensure the human rights of people who consume cannabis are no longer trumped up by draconian policy and law,” he said.

Similarly, Cutajar posted a status about the meeting about the “personal use of cannabis in a responsible manner”.

With a few months to go before summer recess for Malta’s parliament, Bonello and ReLeaf urged the Government to now take real action to ensure more just circumstances for Maltese cannabis users.

“It is now important for the Government to walk the talk and introduce, before Parliament break for summer recess, changes pertaining to adult personal and responsible consumption, cultivation and sharing of the cannabis plant and its derived products,” Bonello said.

As it stands, cannabis use remains illegal in Malta. Individuals can carry up to 3.5g on them without facing jail time – though police still have the right to keep a person locked up for up to 48 hours in jail if they want to when found with less than 3.5g.

There are an estimated 40,000 cannabis users on the island.

Do you think the Maltese government cares about Malta’s cannabis community?

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