Robert Abela Urges Police To Keep Investigating Karin Grech Murder: ‘Not Too Late For Justice’ 
robert abela urges police to keep investigating karin grech murder not too late for justice - Robert Abela Urges Police To Keep Investigating Karin Grech Murder: ‘Not Too Late For Justice’ 

Prime Minister Robert Abela has urged the police to continue investigating the murder of Karin Grech, insisting that it’s not too late for justice to be served. 

“I believe the police should continue investigating this case to ensure that justice is served to those who were behind this crime,” Abela said at an event at the Karin Grech Garden in San Ġwann to commemorate 43 years since the brutal murder.

“Every citizen has a part to play to ensure that what happened never repeats itself. Let’s not allow anyone to plant the seed of hatred.”

He said few people can understand the pain experienced by Karin Grech’s family, who not only lost a loved one in such a brutal manner but never got to taste justice.

Karin Grech was brutally murdered by a letter bomb 43 years ago after she opened a package disguised as a Christmas parent that was addressed to her father Prof. Edwin Grech.

The murder occurred at the height of an industrial dispute between the PL government and the Medical Association of Malta, in which Prof. Grech was a strike-breaker. 

In 2010, the Civil Courst ordered the state to pay €419,000 in damages to the murdered girl’s family, stating that the crime was clearly motivated by medico-political reasons stemming from this dispute.

Former police officer Charles Demicoli, who had investigated the case for several years, said a few years ago that he believes Karin Grech was killed by a single medical student.  

“If there were more students involved, then somebody would have spoken up by now,” he said. “Some crimes are solved because people talk and, in this case, nobody ever spoke.”

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