Satanic Ritual Or UFO Runway? Mysterious Marsalforn Structure Sparks Online Hunt For Truth

If you’re out and about in Marsalforn’s Xwejni area, you might come across Malta’s very own crop circles. Aptly made out of small stones by the sea instead, the structure triggered a hunt for the truth by a number of confused Maltese and Gozitan people… prompting guesses of everything from aliens to satanists.

A photo of the mysterious “structure” surfaced online yesterday, and seeing as the person who came across didn’t really know what it was, there was only one hivemind to ask… mega-forum The Salott.

“Good morning, Does anyone know what this is?” she asked innocently enough. But that was enough; the can of worms had very much been opened.

satanic ritual or ufo runway mysterious marsalforn structure sparks online hunt for truth - Satanic Ritual Or UFO Runway? Mysterious Marsalforn Structure Sparks Online Hunt For Truth

Soon enough, the guesses came flying out from everywhere, including everything from memes to some choice pop culture references.

“I’m not saying it was aliens,” one person started. “But it definitely looks like aliens.” More comments echoed the sentiment, with some joking that it could be some sort of UFO landing strip (circular spaceships, circular runways? Checks out).

But it was only a matter of time until good old Satan was dragged into the convo. “That’s an artal for black masses under a full moon,” one person commented, probably trying to keep a straight face. “Please do not vandalise it.”

Others had a more zen interpretation, citing spiral meditation stones and Shamanic spiritual spirals. My personal favourite guess, though, was the one guy who casually came in and only had three words; “Gozitan hobbit holes”.

And yes; Game of Thrones’ White Walkers were mentioned multiple times. Winter is after all truly upon us, and the structure does look eerily familiar…

It turns out that the truth behind the mysterious “stone circles”, while definitely less interesting than aliens or cults, is way more heartwarming.

“In reality, those have been there for a few years,” a certain Paul Vella clarified a couple of hours after the photo had been shared. “A guy builds them up every now and then”.

“Apparently, the guy walks from Wied Mielaħ or thereabouts,” Vella continued, which would mean the delightful structure actually comes at the end of a solid hour’s walk along Gozo’s northern coast.

“I certainly hope no one decides to destroy it,” Vella continued. “It’s a wonderful work of art which somehow recharges me whenever I walk past it.”

One other person went on to say that the structure has become somewhat of a tradition in the area. “Whoever goes there builds one with the rocks they find,” the person said. “Just a few stones on top of each other… no need for a MEPA permit!”

And when you do remove the supernatural – or extraterresterial – from the equation, the stones do have a certain calming, enchanting nature to them.

After all, who knows? Maybe the guy who innocently started this tradition did end up unknowingly lend his work to a bunch of people who have chosen to use it for their own purposes. Let’s just hope one of those people isn’t a White Walker chieftain.

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