September Singles! Check Out The Latest Tracks Released By Maltese Musicians Over The Past Few Weeks
september singles check out the latest tracks released by maltese musicians over the past few weeks - September Singles! Check Out The Latest Tracks Released By Maltese Musicians Over The Past Few Weeks

September is here and so is the end of summer. It’s been a particularly dry one, with very little happening in the creative scene but that hasn’t stopped Maltese musicians from working tirelessly in the studio.

And the end result is a plethora of great tracks seeping into the social media stratosphere week by week.

From synthpop to electro house afro, these are the latest tracks released by Maltese musicians over the past few weeks…

1. Chedder – Watch Me Fail

The arts community took a major hit this year but then again there’s no quelling the fire of some creatives out there.

Introducing Chedder… the one-man show who makes a total mess of a kitchen while simultaneously killing a  brand new track, Watch Me Fail.

In fact, the music video is exactly that – him failing. But unlike most kitchen disasters, this is artistic expression at its finest with the protagonist able to hold a tune while he literally on fire.

And it’s a lot of fun to watch too!

[embedded content]

2. LEX & Dav.Jr –  Running Around

DJ Lex has teamed up acoustic artist Dav.Jr for a Chainsmoker-inspired track, “Running Around”.

The laidback electronic track features the two musicians cruising around Malta in a sleek, red Mustang while they jam to the summer track.

[embedded content]

3. Bark Bark Disco & Joon – Another Play

Maltese DIY band Bark Bark Disco has teamed up with one-woman-electronic-powerhouse Yasmin Kuymizakis, also known as Joon, for a retro, 80s-sounding love track “Another One”.

The fun, synthpop track is right down the alley of the two musicians who play to their forte in this pocketed, easy-going tune.

[embedded content]

4. Eddie Fresco – What You Made Me

While hard-hitting Maltese rapper Eddie Fresco tears it up in Prague for it one of the only live shows this summer, his latest track “What You Made Me” is making the rounds online and his rabid fanbase are loving it.

Darker than ever, Eddie Fresco settles back into a deep flow with fewer antics and more flow to push his music and deliver his message.

[embedded content]

5. Carlo Gerada ft. Caro – Floor To The Ceiling

Electronic music and hip hop go together like peanut butter and jelly. Carlo Gerada teaming up with Caro is the collaboration we didn’t know we needed but now that it’s here, we can’t get enough of it.

The nu-disco dance track comes with some big, beefy vibes exemplified by its beats and bars that are just straight fire throughout.

[embedded content]

6. ANT ft. Luke Chappell – Hopes

Two of Malta’s youngest music stars have joined forces to release an instant house classic.

Locally-renowned DJ Ant has just released his latest track “Hopes” and it features none other than X-Factor prodigy Luke Chappell…

and before you even listen to it, you know that the combination of skills and style shared between the two is bound to result in a sonic orgasm for your ears.

[embedded content]

7. Chris Birdd – Hear Me Out

Releasing a song every two weeks over the past six months hasn’t worn out Maltese rapper Chris Birdd who keeps showing his versatility, range and talent with each and every track.

“Hear Me Out” is a continuation of Birdd’s more laidback and chilled persona that he has heavily favoured throughout 2020.

8. Fattima Mahdi – Life

This year has been tough but Fattima Mahdi has chosen to look on the bright side with her latest track, “Life”. The upbeat electro afro house track with one purpose, the uplift people’s spirits and it does so with its inspiring lyrics and enticing beats which invites you to groove along.

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