Shanghai Consul Aldo Cutajar May Have Profited From Chinese Visa Sales
shanghai consul aldo cutajar may have profited from chinese visa sales - Shanghai Consul Aldo Cutajar May Have Profited From Chinese Visa Sales

Malta’s consul to Shanghai, Aldo Cutajar, together with his wife Isabel, are suspected of garnering illegal profits from Chinese visa sales.

The couple was arrested on charges of money laundering after the discovery of €500,000 in cash and a further €400,000 in a Dubai bank account. Now, police suspect they may have profited from visa sales after a list of names and passport numbers were found alongside the cash during a raid, Times of Malta reported.

However, the Cutajars, who also face charges of tax evasion, insist that their wealth was generated through their Cyprus-based interior design venture.

Charges have also been filed against their company Gemini Design Studios Ltd, a Cyprus-based company set up in 2017.

The main beneficiary of this company was Isabelle Cutajar, who allegedly received €2 million euro from Chinese clients.

Cutajar, who is also brother Civil Service Head Mario Cutajar, was appointed to the role of Shanghai Consul in May 2018, a year after Sai Mizzi, the wife of controversial former Minister Konrad Mizzi, stepped down from the role.

A request for bail cannot be considered until all witnesses have presented evidence.

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